With Hydro Costs Skyrocketing, businesses are always looking for ways to reduce the energy costs on their compressed air systems. In turn, this helps reduce the harm to the environment as much as possible. There are many ways United Compressed Air Inc. can help to reduce your operating costs when it comes to your compressed air and industrial vacuum needs:

Air Leaks: Air leaks are the most common reason for an increase in energy costs. One small leak, just 1/16″ in size, can cause almost $800 in wasted energy costs per year. We have the equipment available to locate your leaks in your entire compressed air system.

Air System Upgrade: If you’ve increased the demand in your process by adding more equipment that consume compressed air, there is a danger your compressor may no longer be sized correctly. If your compressor is constantly running or undersized, your energy costs will go up significantly. You will need to replace with another compressor that provides a larger amount of CFM or a secondary compressor to top up the system when needed.

Variable Speed vs. Fixed Speed: A variable speed drive (VSD), speed-controller or frequency-controlled, compressor automatically adjusts its motor speed to the air demand. Its counterpart, fixed speed or “idling compressor”, or “load/unload compressor, is either on full throttle or off.


Government Incentives Program to Help Upgrade Your Air System….

There are many conservation and renewable energy programs available in Ontario offered by various levels of government and by local electricity utilities to help in your efforts to be more energy aware for your business.


Audits start as low as $400.00 and can save you thousands of dollars in energy costs.

Available Air Audits:

  • Leak detection of complete air system
  • Data logging with report on energy consumption of compressor(s) (ON LOAD/OFFLOAD)
  • Visual inspection of point of use applications
  • Dew point analysis
  • Air piping schematic
  • End to end plant air pressure profile
  • Compressor output values (cfm)
  • Plant air consumption (cfm)
  • Air leak consumption (cfm)
  • Energy cost for each compressor
  • Oil analysis
  • Particulate & chemical contamination