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Air Audits

Certified by Ontario Power & SDT Ultrasound Solutions

CIET Certified (The Canadian Institute of Energy Training)

We have invested in the equipment requirements to ensure your compressed air system is operating at its maximum efficiency. We offer a complete range of air audits to suit your requirements. Even the small companies use excess air and we have proven the savings. You would be surprised.

There are many conservation and renewable energy programs available in Ontario offered by various levels of government and by local electricity utilities to help in your efforts to be more energy aware for your business.

Audits start as low as $400.00 and can save you thousands of dollars in energy costs.

Available Air Audits:

  • Leak detection of complete air system
  • Data logging with report on energy consumption of compressor(s) (ON LOAD/OFFLOAD)
  • Visual inspection of point of use applications
  • Dew point analysis
  • Air piping schematic
  • End to end plant air pressure profile
  • Compressor output values (cfm)
  • Plant air consumption (cfm)
  • Air leak consumption (cfm)
  • Energy cost for each compressor
  • Oil analysis
  • Particulate & chemical contamination


Air Installations

We use Transair by Parker, the world’s leading manufacturer of connectors for compressed air distribution systems.
Transair designs, manufactures and sells innovative quick connect solutions (connectors, pipes and tubing) as well as accessories for compressed air, vacuum and inert gas.

Preventative Maintenance Programs

We like to call this an agreement.
We offer non-binding agreements and they can be cancelled at any time. Our goal is to be the best priced service provider available, maintaining your equipment according to the factory specs when required and fully inspecting the air system associated with it. This allows you to budget your service costs for the year and offers you the option to pay on a set schedule that fits. Any additional work required will be recorded during inspections and will first be quoted. When approval has been given, the repairs will be done. No surprises.


System Overhauls / Rebuilds

If you need to refurbish your air system, we offer free estimates. We also supply rental units at special rates when overhauling.

Factory trained in-house technicians are available to overhaul:
• Air Compressors/Pumps
• Vacuum Pumps and Blowers

All rebuilds are to factory specs and come with one-year standard parts & labour warranty. Extended warranties are also available.

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