Variable Speed Industrial Air Compressor – NEW

NEW Chicago Pneumatic Variable Speed Compressors (40 HP to 250 HP).



Chicago Pneumatics Variable Speed CPVS Series

The Chicago Pneumatic Variable Speed Industrial Air Compressor (CPVS) allows you to save operating costs when your application does not require the compressor’s full capacity. Artificial intelligence automatically maintains designated pressure and provides only the air that your system requires. As a result, you save energy and money. The CPVS is great as a stand-alone machine or networked to a base-load CP compressor where it can function as a trim machine.


How a CPVS saves you money

Studies show that over 80% of all applications run at less than 80% of the compressor’s full
load. Fixed speed compressors produce their full load capacity, regardless of demand, so
customers waste the air they don’t need – which costs money!
As an efficient variable speed drive compressor, the CPVS qualifies for all energy-saving
rebates and incentive programs, which can help provide a rapid return on investment.

CPVS: Energy saving for every requirement

Chicago Pneumatic CPVS compressors operate optimally under variable load conditions and ensure maximum capacity with maximum energy saving.

-Gear box-driven frequency controlled compressor.
-Asymmetric screws for optimal efficiency.
-Low noise level.
-Class F insulation electric motor.
-Triple-action air/oil separator guarantees compressed air delivery with lower residual-oil content.
-Control panel with state-of-the-art control system, microprocessor diagnostics and alphanumeric display for safe, efficient machine management.
-Excellent soundproofing by wide, painted steel panels that are removable for easy access to all internal components.
-Compact, highly efficient combi-coolers maintain optimum oil temperature and keep delivery air cool.
-EMC compliant.

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